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We rank websites, increase traffic, drive leads to your business, and we can prove it.

We hear it all the time from our potential clients, “I am not sure exactly what we are paying for each month, or if it is even producing results.”

It’s Time for a Change in How SEO is Done.

You provide a professional service or products to your customers who expect to get what they paid for.  Why should SEO be any different?

It shouldn’t.  So, we decided it was time to offer SEO and Digital Marketing services guaranteeing you are getting the service you pay for. We provide simple and transparent billing agreements, a guaranteed hourly allocation of effort each month, and detailed monthly reporting of our efforts and results.

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Our Client's Words and Results are our Best Proof!

“Three years ago, our law firm hired Tim Walker at Host Cloud Solutions to build and host a mobile website. Tim and his staff were prompt, professional and transparent during this project, and answered all of our questions quickly and expertly. We were very happy with the finished mobile site. In fact, we were so impressed with Tim’s performance on this small but important project that we immediately asked him to begin some secondary SEO efforts on our firm’s websites. That project also went extraordinarily smoothly and efficiently.

A year after beginning a relationship with Tim and Host Cloud Solutions, we completely discharged FindLaw (with whom we had been working for several years) and hired Tim to re-build our primary website and conduct all SEO on the site. Although in the early stages of the project, we are extremely satisfied with the build of the site, and of our Google ranking/results. As importantly, every time we have a question/concern about the site, or need to amend the site for content, Tim and his staff immediately respond and efficiently handle the issue(s).

In short, we highly recommend Tim and his company to other attorneys who are looking for an alternative to the “big box” legal website providers. They have delivered on their promises, are price-competitive, and accessible and responsive to any of our website needs.”
Daniel Geherin, AttorneySimon & Geherin, PLLC
My name is Henry Elizondo. I am a Professional Land Surveyor based out of San Antonio, Texas.

Tim Walker, owner of Host Cloud Solutions, has helped us with our SEO marketing and website. Since his help, we have consistently been on the first page of Google and most of the times number one on page one.

He has also created a tracking system for us that allows us to manage the high volume amount of jobs we complete. It is tailored for our industry in the fast paced mortgage industry.

Tim is very responsive to issues and is has a very good attitude about helping his clients.

He is very reliable, dependable, and an expert in his field. Best of all, he has a great attitude to solve problems. He is someone who any business owner can rely on.

Tim has also worked with us in the past with price. He is an exceptional person to work with and I fully recommend him and his services to anyone.
Hello, my name is Shane Dodson. I am the owner of BIONIC Emergency Services in Houston, Texas. We are a water damage and fire damage restoration company. We have worked with Host Cloud Solutions and Tim Walker for almost 2 years. We highly recommend this SEO and Lead Generation company to anyone in our industry, or any other industry, seeking a high quality provider!

Due to many previous failed "SEO" efforts, I was very frustrated, no actually extremely frustrated. After several years, THOUSANDS of dollars wasted, and several terrible experiences with SEO “firms”, we felt we finally had found the ideal company when we first launched our SEO efforts with Host Cloud Solutions.

One of the first qualities that stands out to me about Host Cloud Solutions is their transparency, in sharing with you their techniques, and exposing to you the real core components that they feel will be what leads them to successfully assisting you to dominate search results in your market. Compared to other companies, I find their fees to be extremely affordable, yet they continually deliver quality work, and results!

When others will leave you guessing and frustrated, Host Cloud will be there to patiently walk you through, and help you to understand. If you are seeking an SEO solution, don't waste your time with others, you have found the best.
Transparency, attention, and results are three words that come to mind when I think of Legal SEO Pros. Last year, my partner and I felt that we needed more knowledge about how our hard-earned dollars were being spent in our internet marketing campaign so that we could better compete with firms dominating the internet market. We had decided to leave FindLaw and reach out to a company that would dedicate the necessary time, answer our questions, keep us updated, and provide results. Within a couple of months, Legal SEO Pros had us (and kept us) on the first page of Google and developed our social media, which had been nonexistent before.

Legal SEO Pros provides us with a detailed accounting of the actual hours dedicated to our website every month. Furthermore, the SEO team schedules a monthly meeting to give us updates and to make sure that we understand what is being done to continue to enhance our internet presence. Finally, a SEO analyst immediately responds to any questions or concerns with answers in plain English that we can understand.

Since working with Legal SEO Pros, our internet “leads” have turned into more clients than ever before. I often tell my clients that one cannot put a price on piece of mind. Legal SEO Pros offers our firm the peace of mind that allows us to focus on what matters most — our clients. Consequently, I hold Legal SEO Pros in the highest regard and recommend it’s services to anyone looking to improve or establish a dominant web presence.
Benjamin J. Symko, AttorneyDeHaan & Symko, P.C.
“Working with HostCloud Solutions has been an absolute pleasure. Our firm was in need of a speedy website redesign that would allow us to control the content and be able make regular updates on our own. Tim went above and beyond not only in designing a stunning site, but also in taking the time to teach us how to update and maintain the site. Not only was the service efficient and professional, but the crew at HostCloud Sites is just so friendly! Working with websites and web developers can be intimidating, but partnering with HostCloud Sites made the entire process – from conception to launch – a breeze.

I would highly recommended using HostCloud Sites for your next website; not only will you be thrilled with your finished site, but you will know that you are in very competent hands.”
Alison Silva, Marketing DirectorEastham Capital
“I just thought I would take a minute to express our thanks for everything you have done for us over the past 5 years or more since we began working with you.

You and your company are certainly unique in the marketplace on many levels. We get solicitations every day that are usually couched in threats – If you don’t hire us you will sink in the west, not be secure, not be visibile, lose your domain, etc. That has never been the case of course with you. You tell it like it is and help us weigh the pros and cons of various approaches that are available. With the complexity of most businesses and the choices we have to make having you as a sounding board has been very nice. Your experience and resources have been made available to us and we have worked together to select the best approach to our website, whether from a Retail standpoint or from the standpoint of providing services to our agents online. We have struck a good chord with integration of our sales platform and a highly professional retail presence in the marketplace as well. When we need to make changes you are there for us.

From a cost standpoint you have worked with us on an extremely flexible basis that clearly from the start provided a long-term basis for our relationship. As technology and options are constantly changing we can adjust as needed which we have.

Running a business can be very challenging to say the least and having you on our team brings down our stress level and we do appreciate you. Thanks Tim to you and your people for being there for us.”
Paul Cohn, OwnerCitywide Communications
I am writing this open letter to share my experiences and to thank some very hard working, effective, and decent people.

As a private practice Psychotherapist, I am service, not publicity minded. However, the realities of today’s competitive marketplace (even in the medical field) dictate visibility as a vital aspect of professional survival.

Enter HostCloud Solutions: Tim Walker and team manage my SEO needs with extreme competence. Their innovative strategies give my company “page one” results in many Internet engine searches. HostCloud doesn’t stop there: they also mine social media platforms to extend my business reach and provide reliable guidance in all things Internet.

HostCloud’s trailblazing allows me to focus on helping my patients, instead of worrying about the promotional aspects of running my business. Reachable and reliable, the employees of HostCloud are there to explore my ideas and answer my questions.

I have dabbled with other SEO companies that “fit my business into their template.” – HostCloud listens: They have created a unique campaign around me: website, SEO, Internet Branding – all reflecting my practice’s contributions and my core values.

I feel fortunate to be working with this innovative company.
Bill Benson, LMFT, LPCCThe Mental Gym

Here's how we prove our efforts and results each month...

Competitor Tracking

It’s easy to see what the Big G wants because they show us in their search results.  So, if a competing firm is moving up in the rankings it’s critical to know so you can react to the threat before you are overtaken.  We monitor and report on your key competitors so that we are prepared to close the ranking gap or maintain your lead.

Measurable Results

We know that new Clients are the goal. How do you get there? We use a simple methodology: Consistent effort towards known ranking factors, yields improved rankings (higher visibility), this brings the visitors, which produces more leads. We measure and report on this entire process each month

Daily Rank Tracking

Most SEO agencies report monthly, some weekly, we report daily. Why? Law Firm marketing is a competitive game and we want you to know the score while the game is in progress, not after it’s all over. We provide 24/7 access to our Client’s rankings data. We believe in transparency with our Client/Partners.

Detailed Task Reports

Your rankings are based on Google’s algorithm.  As such, there are certain factors common to nearly all websites that rank well. These factors are addressed in our Organic Foundations Campaign.  We give you detailed task level progress reports each month.

We couldn’t begin to fit all of our great results on this one page, so click the button to schedule a free website review and we can show you more…and how to get your website ranking as well.

Multiple page one results in Google for many of our Client’s most important key phrases.  Press the button and run a live Google search for “ann arbor criminal attorney” and you will see our client listed there on page one.

Competitive key phrases that drive traffic and revenue for our Client.  Press the button and run a live Google search for “commercial roofing cleburne tx” and you will see our client listed there on page one in the maps and the organic results.

Multiple page one results in Google for extremely competitive key phrases that go for $60 – $80 per click in Google Adwords. Press the button and run a live Google search for “houston water damage service” and you will see our client’s local listing, website, Youtube video, and even his Facebook page!

Meet our US Based SEO Development Team

Our team knows each of our Clients by first name…your campaign is managed as if it were our own.  We have a staff of 10 that we have selected with diverse backgrounds to ensure your SEO project meets your goals.

Tim W. - Lead Developer + PartnerLead Developer + Partner

Tim W.

Tim has over 20 years experience in business development, sales, marketing, management, and ownership across a broad range of industries. He has worked extensively in b2b and b2c markets. His real world business experience brings a down to earth and effective approach to marketing. Leveraging the web to grow your business has made it possible for enterprises of all sizes to compete with even the largest competitors.

Ben K. - SEO Analyst + Project ManagerSEO Analyst + Project Manager

Ben K.

With over 6 years of real world business development and international e-commerce experience, Ben is one of our US based SEO analysts and project managers focused on web marketing and online presence optimization for businesses both large and small. Climb the ranks in Google with our proven safe and effective methodology and transparent monthly reporting and drive more traffic to your business.

Ryan V. - SEO Analyst + Lead WebmasterSEO Analyst + Lead Webmaster

Ryan V.

Ryan has been developing sites for over 9 years. Knowledgeable in the best practices of building websites and proper optimization, Ryan has worked with many local and national organizations. Based in his hometown of Greater Grand Rapids, MI, Ryan is our Lead Webmaster and Analyst focused on providing all types of businesses with affordable and reliable online marketing solutions for companies seeking to improve their online web presence.

Aaron B. - Director Sales/Marketing USDirector Sales/Marketing US

Aaron B.

For over 23 years Aaron has developed successful sales, marketing & advertising campaigns for publishing firms, advertising sales, sports event and nonprofit event marketing. Aaron has negotiated hundreds of national, regional & local corporate sponsorship agreements on behalf of national youth sports organizations & prominent nonprofit organizations. Aaron is constantly studying, testing, applying, and perfecting every known marketing tactic and strategy, until he gets massive results for our clients.

Book with one of our Senior SEO Analysts. We will analyze your current website against your top competitors and tell you what needs to be fixed to beat them.  We will spend 30 minutes free with you.

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